Wednesday, 11 September 2013

Featured Photograph for September

My featured photograph for this month was taken just three days ago in Rome and is dedicated to the very friendly New York based Bulgarian we met on the Pont St.Angelo (pictured). Like me, he had gone to the bridge to photograph the view towards St.Peter's Basilica but, while he intended to wait for dusk, I was planning to put eating with my family first (they might add 'for once'). While we chatted, he mentioned there was a good spot under the next bridge along, looking back towards the Pont St.Angelo and the castle and that is the scene you see here. We did leave the bridge before dusk but ended up at a restaurant just over the road and the draw of the photograph proved just too great for me; I quickly told J what to order for me and excused myself for ten minutes. It was a humid evening and jogging down to the next bridge and back left me uncomfortably sweaty but it was well worth the effort. I have to credit my new friend for his selfless suggestion.

Before returning to my family and the waiting beer, I also managed a quick visit back to the Pont St.Angelo where I took the following photograph:

It's hardly surprising that, in the time we were there, we saw four different wedding couples being photographed in front of this scene - the only downside being the plethora of street sellers selling tat and the cheesy violinist playing Beatles songs.

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